hi i'm alvien and i do csi because one day i want to be a programmer.

how the internet works

by alvien salvador

what is a internet user?

a user is a person who uses a network based device or application to connect to the world wide web (www). for example like me i use the internet to browse the web and that makes me a internet user

how many internet users are there in the world

acording to google as of 2015 there were about 3.2 million users around the world.

what countries are the least and highest useage of internet

china has the highest internet users which is 692,152,618 and the highest internet usage is usa which is 74.55. the least user in a country is Ascension they have the 361 users. the country that dosen't use the internet that much is Eritrea they use 1.08 of there intenet


a browsers or a search engine is a sofrware application where a user get there information from. Technically a Web browser is a client program that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to make requests of Web servers throughout the Internet on behalf of the browser user

  1. chrome
  2. safari
  3. firefox


a device is made for a particular purpose and also all devices have has a particula electronic part to them . a device is also used by a user to acsses the world wide web.


a isp or Internet service provider is a company that helps your device to connect to a internet based application or device. examples of companys that help provide the internet.

  1. time warner cable
  2. net zero
  3. charter
  4. and much more.


a modem is used for getting digital information from the web. And how that happens is by the modem modulates one or more carrier wave to encode the information after that the modem demodulates the signal to decode the information.

what is world wide web (www) and webpage

the world wide web or www is just a system of servers that support specially formatted documents.document are also knowed the webpage. webpages are formatted in a markup language called HTML (HyperText Markup Language). this means that you can just click on a hotspot and your just there.for more info click here

here are some domain names.